Fear of the Pen?

I am currently fighting a battle with fear. I’ve already established that my innermost spirit demands that I write. I’ve begun to make the time and space necessary for it. I’ve jotted down notes. I’ve mulled over concepts and played with words in my mind over countless captured moments.

Yet when the opportunity to sit and do nothing but write – to quench that thirst I know full well I have – I freeze. Continue reading »

Reconnecting With Self: Today’s Conquests

Just a very short post for today to celebrate for a moment my own personal conquests on my path to self, and a reminder for all of you: Do not overlook the value of taking a pause.

When you achieve something, complete something, feel something you’ve been yearning to feel… PAUSE.

That’s what I’m doing tonight. Just taking a brief pause to reflect and yes, celebrate. Continue reading »

Starting Over

Confession #1: This is not the first time I’ve started a “personal” blog.

The last few years for me have been a bumpy journey of sorts – climbing so high I felt my head might just poke through the clouds to say hello to God. Plunging so low I wasn’t sure I’d be able to learn to walk again. This “journey” isn’t over. I suppose none of our journeys ever are. But I’m starting to see a little clarity through it all. And trying to stop calling it a “journey”… omg is that new age, self help talk or what?

First, I’ve decided to embrace what’s been a passion since I was a girl. My love of writing. I’ve put pen to paper (or more often finger to keyboard) almost every day as part of my work in marketing, and loved those tasks related to it. But all too often this creative tendency of mine, the desire to set words to feelings and thoughts, has been pushed aside. Who has time? What in the world would I write? Why would anyone care what I had to say?

I’ve followed a few bloggers (dare I say it? *MOM* bloggers.) over the last year or so. What was their secret? How did they touch so many people? You know what I think their secret is? Their top security clearance requiring secret? Continue reading »