Is McDonald’s Seriously Trying to Sexualize My 4-Year-Old?

Yesterday my 4-year-old daughter had a fun day out with Gran’pa. They visited the fish store where she got to touch a giant fish and she “wasn’t even scared!” Then they went to the carousel museum where she rode a big carousel horse and played a beanbag game knocking down castle themed targets. She had a fun time playing on the playground at McDonald’s too (a special treat that she doesn’t often get with her mom!)

So of course she was excited to show me her Happy Meal toy.

I’m still twitching. Continue reading »

When Your Job becomes a J-O-B

When you start referring to your job as a J-O-B, I think the universe may be trying to tell you something.

I’m at a pivot point in my professional life right now. The business I ran with my husband for the last ten years is winding down since he went back to the corporate world in December. Winding down at least in the sense of what it used to be, not necessarily what it could be in the future. Now that it is only mine, I have a more or less clean slate to rebuild it to what I would like and need it to be.

But I’m still working that out in my mind, so I do feel like I’m in some kind of entrepreneurial limbo. Continue reading »

On Headaches and Internalizing

Last week and even a bit into this week I’ve been suffering with a headache across the top of the left side of my head. This is pretty unusual for me. A few of the first mornings I woke up with a sharp pain which fluctuated to a dull ache. One morning I had an extreme sensation of lightheadedness as well. So much so that I wasn’t comfortable driving my daughter to Pre-K – thankfully my dad was able to bring her. She loves school so much she was about to have a temper tantrum if she would have to stay home.

I had a sense all along that the headache was related to stress. But why now? At a time when at last I feel that things have started to settle down in my life. When I’ve finally allowed myself this simple, secret pleasure of expressing myself on this new blog. And when demands of my business have evened out (knocking wood not to jinx it!) so that I can start to escape the dangerous tunnel vision and see more fully around me. Continue reading »