About This Mama

I’m a mom of 2 young daughters who’s trying to strike balance between work, life, wifedom, and motherhood. This balance thing has not been particularly easy for me – though I suspect it’s not really for anyone – and there’s a good chance “Balance” is just a myth anyway!

I ran a business full-time for about 8 years. And until the end of 2011 my husband was co-owner and working full-time with me. Yes, in the same office, all day long. During that time we weathered the economic downturn, a pregnancy, my post-partum issues, and a plethora of bad decisions. His move back to the corporate world was our first big shift as a family. But sometimes a big change like that makes a beautiful difference and opens new doors. The first of these came with a new part-time position for me with a former client, giving me more individual stability and a fresh start.

I admit that in the last few years I’ve gone through phases of being a bit of a self-help junkie. I even talked a life coach who attended one of the Facebook marketing classes I was teaching into running a work life retreat for moms. (I’d never met her before. Who does that? Apparently I do.) She did help me a lot as a coach, and it’s inspiring just following her. Even life coaches change and experience growing pains! My Kindle is chock full of self-help and spiritual inspiration titles. I’ve got Cheryl Richardson & Louise Hay books and tapes laying around the house. “Simple Abundance” too. Vision boards and vision books. Quotes and prayers. Is this familiar to anyone else out there?

The bottom-line is this: I know intellectually I, as a woman, as a mom to two daughters, as a wife, need to focus on nurturing myself a bit more. I know we all hear this all the time but I think it’s for a reason: it’s probably true. For me this means changing my business and to a certain extent my life. It means returning to one of my first loves, writing. And being okay with not quite knowing where this whole train is headed.

But being content that the ride will be worth it.

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