Reconnecting With Self: Today’s Conquests

Just a very short post for today to celebrate for a moment my own personal conquests on my path to self, and a reminder for all of you: Do not overlook the value of taking a pause.

When you achieve something, complete something, feel something you’ve been yearning to feel… PAUSE.

That’s what I’m doing tonight. Just taking a brief pause to reflect and yes, celebrate.

I’ve officially migrated my new blog to its permanent home – here at It’s a “real” site now. This means I am ACCEPTING that I am and will be a writer as I know I am meant to be and I am allowing myself a real home. I’m not going to allow doubt to hold me back anymore. With a full domain name pointing to a blog that’s actually on paid hosting, there are no more excuses. Just time to allow myself to be, to write, to create.

Second, I’m here in a swanky boutique hotel, savoring the last night of my Groupon getaway with my husband. (Can’t blame a girl for being frugal!) After my quest to reconnect with myself, is the no less important quest to reconnect with my husband after the tumultuous and sometimes heavy last few years. It’s working. Little by little it’s working. I’m slowly letting more walls down and hopefully he’s understanding me better and seeing that too.

And last – just for fun, I’ve decided to proclaim myself a foodie. I’m rediscovering my love for fresh farm-to-table cuisine and wines. We’ve had some amazing taste sensations while here these last couple of days: fiddleheads, bee pollen, rhubarb, rainbow trout, honeycomb, wine tastings, truffle fries! God help me I might have to start a food blog!

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